Barco Integrated Media Processor earns DCI compliance


Barco’s Integrated Cinema Media Processor has achieved full DCI compliance. This module, which combines the functionalities of an integrated cinema processor and media server into a single board, is at the heart of the new Barco Alchemy digital-cinema projector range. It is also fully compatible with all Barco Series 2 d-cinema projectors already in the field.

“The Barco Alchemy module is unique in the digital-cinema world in that it blends the cinema-processing electronics with the DCI media-decoding part of a media server,” said Theodore Marescaux, product manager at Barco. “Achieving DCI compliance for this new module is a key milestone in the project. In fact, we are the first to achieve the DCI proposed frame rates for 4K 2D at 48 and 60 frames per second.”

The new Barco Alchemy module integrates highly optimized JPEG2000 decoding and crypto engines from Barco Silex, a Barco subsidiary and a leader in video processing, encryption and security IP cores and platforms.