That’s the ticket! FJI’s annual overview of new technologies from leading movie ticketing companies


Beckerbillett prints over 140 million tickets for European cinemas and is a leader in the German market. The company offers a full array of services tailored to the needs of cinema operators. It is also a leading supplier of thermal printers and maintains a 24-hour hotline for thermal printer service, maintenance, rental and repairs.

Thermal tickets printed by Beckerbillett run on all commercially available thermal printers and can support a variety of different security features that have been found to be extremely effective in actual practice. Beckerbillett tickets enable cinema operators at no extra cost to vary the visuals on the backs of tickets in one print run to accommodate up to 12 different advertising customers for any showing. Beckerbillett has also earned a reputation as a premier source of leading-edge software for museums, science centers and cultural sites. (

Dealflicks is continuing to innovate as the pioneer of exhibitor yield management. On March 31, they launched their newest Dealflicks iOS application that allows users to save their credit cards for a one-click checkout experience. This effectively reduces the amount of clicks a user needs to make on the checkout page by 20+, increasing conversion rates and repeat usage. Also, this past December, Dealflicks launched the Dealbucks digital gift-card platform. As a result, they’ve seen 100+% growth in ticket and concession sales over the past few months due to new internal and external marketing channels. Around the same time, they also launched the Dealflicks Semi-dynamic Pricing Engine, which allows their theatre partners to set up extremely customized frameworks for pricing, showtimes and inventory levels for those that choose to. Dealflicks is now in 370+ theatre locations nationwide. (

Diamond Ticketing
Diamond Ticketing specializes in movie theatre ticketing, using multiple software packages: PrintTix for online, and Veezi, Sensible Cinema and ImagiTix for the box office. DTS sells and supports both the hardware and software.

Diamond Ticketing believe all theatres should be considering reserved seating. Many of the most successful theatres employ reserved seating already, at the box office and online, and it directly affects a customer’s experience at the theatre—customers care about where they sit. In Diamond’s view, reserved seating is where stadium seating was 20 years ago; new theaters built it in from the start and older theatres figured out how to add it or went out of business. Call Paul Schuyler at 866-323-5411 ext. 109 for more information. (

Fandango, the nation's leading moviegoer destination, sells tickets to more than 23,000 screens nationwide. Fandango entertains and informs consumers with reviews, commentary, celebrity interviews and trailers, and offers the ability to quickly select a film, plan where and when to see it, and conveniently buy tickets in advance. Fandango's top-ranking movie ticketing apps, with more than 40 million downloads, are available on the iPhone and iPad, Android, and many other platforms. Film fans also find Fandango on Facebook at and on Twitter @Fandango. (

Jack Roe
The Jack Roe Companies combine over eight decades of cinema industry experience and over 35 years providing custom IT systems with a unique vision to create pioneering IT products for the future of cinema. With all Linux-based systems since 1997 and everything from full ticketing and PoS to automated websites, JACRO can provide a full spectrum of IT products all driven from a single PoS. From being the first digital signage company in cinema to provide 1080p video playback to being the first to offer the new 4K format, prototyping in-auditorium ordering as far back as 2010, or providing mobile PoS stations, every year Jack Roe pushes the limits of technology to help make sure that cinemas using JACRO products are impressing moviegoers and providing an edge to theatres' natural competitors both inside and outside the cinema industry. ( continues as a leader in advance ticketing, representing over 260 exhibitors in 22 countries or territories, with a total of over 22,000 screens.  Expanding on its international reach, the company recently launched in Mexico with Cinépolis, providing services to Latin America’s largest exhibitor. A new suite of mobile products rolls out this quarter, offering support across multiple IOS and Android platforms. For Q1, reported the number of tickets sold by the company is up 63.5% compared to the same time period last year, due in part to mobile efforts, positive trends in reserved seating, enhanced exhibitor amenities and large-format presentations.

Gain insight into what your guests think about your theatre. NCR Customer Voice collects your guests’ feedback on their cinema experience and delivers the results immediately to your smartphone. Happy customers with high ratings are automatically prompted to share their experience through social media, while low ratings will be prioritized within your management app so you can address issues immediately when they happen. With the NCR Customer Voice tool, you will be able to monitor your business’ reports, identify site and server performance, and check response rates directly from your mobile device. Visit today.

The theatre industry is constantly evolving to ensure that they are seen as a primary source of entertainment, offering the total night-out experience! The Omniterm CINE Card program is a “theatre-wide” incentive application that was developed to provide theatres with the ability to use a single card that can incorporate all of their incentive goals and programs. Many theatres implement gift card or loyalty programs; however, they are often not automated and offer little data as to their contribution to revenue. The CINE Card program uses a reusable card that is linked throughout the total incentive program (gift cards, loyalty, admission incentives, discounts) and provides management with valuable data that can be used to monitor program effectiveness. (

Retriever Software
Retriever Software introduces Retriever Mobile, their branded theatre app for convenient ticket sales and theatre marketing through mobile devices.  With 58% of U.S. consumers already owning smartphones and 1.2 billion users accessing the web with their devices, the Retriever Mobile App will become a timely and powerful addition to your theatre marketing force. Their apps are custom-designed and branded specifically for each theatre, and can offer features including one-touch ticket purchasing with mobile wallet, virtual gift cards, and push-notifications for promotions and newsletter distribution. They can even keep your patrons connected to the theatre through a Facebook schedule. Once your patrons download the app from iTunes or Google Play, your theatre will become their favorite place for entertainment. Contact Retriever at 888-988-4470 or visit them at for additional information.

RTS (Ready Theatre Systems)
RTS is a favorite POS and digital signage solution, serving more than 1,500 locations. RTS annual software licenses include: upgrades, hardware/software support, back-office management, online ticketing through your website, and direct integration with industry partners. RTS is continually adding features to meet your future needs. Their U.S.-based tech-support team is available 24 hours a day. To download a demo of their software, visit and enter your information on the web-based form. For further information and a detailed estimate, contact their sales team at 865-212-9703. Typically, they can convert a theatre to RTS within one week. There is no need to pay on-site installation fees, as your system arrives pre-configured and training is so simple that it can be done remotely.

SIVE is a ticketing company which has been growing rapidly since 2006. Until 2013, they only operated in Spain, but they are now starting to expand globally. They boast great software and service, first-rate back-office system, hardware and kiosks, combined with experience and professionalism. Their software has been designed to sell tickets, refreshments, 3D glasses, and VIP seats and anything else you may need in your theatre. 
And their web system can be integrated into any website a theatre has. (

Now use iPad and issue tickets at the box office with TicketNew software for cinemas. The TicketNew Box-Office Suite, widely used in more than 500 theatres across the globe, now has a new version which can support iPads or any Android-based devices.

A cinema manager who is always on the move and required to work on weekends needs better software which can be accessed anytime and anywhere. TicketNew introduces its mobile compatible software which can be accessed from a web browser like Chrome or IE to make your tasks easier. Check the new feature software at Contact Steve at, 512-215-4924.

Ticketsoft introduces a real-time Internet sales ticker and reserved seating drag-and-drop house move application to its leading enterprise theatre management systems. From point-of-sale through home office, Ticketsoft provides theatre and cloud-based applications that can manage the largest theatre companies in the world. Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2014, Ticketsoft currently provides solutions for more than 20 percent of the top 40 theatre operators in the United States. (