New Products on display at CineEurope 2014

<i>FJI </i>highlights some of the new products and technologies that will be unveiled at the annual CineEurope convention in Barcelona, Spain.

From the inventors of the inflatable screen, the Airscreen nano combines all the great features Airscreen users know but is also portable as never before. Weighing just 20 kg, the Airscreen nano is the perfect outdoor screen solution for garden parties, backyard cinema events and anything in between. The screen is an ideal size for up to 100 viewers and inflates in just 60 seconds. The nano package is comprised of a full HD projector and an excellent sound system—all you need to set up your very own backyard cinema. Visit Airscreen at CineEurope booth 823 to see it live. (

Alcons Audio

The CRS12GT/60 from Alcons Audio is a two-way passive-filtered loudspeaker, designed to meet all requirements of current and future digital-cinema surround-sound formats. Featuring Alcons’ patented pro-ribbon driver technology, the CRS12GT/60 combines exceptional clarity and intelligibility with an unusually high dynamic range and up to 90% less distortion than traditional cinema surround systems. By utilizing identical MHF transducers for screen and surround systems, an exceptionally wide and uniform sound field throughout the entire listening area is realized.

The CRS12GT/60 system consists of one RBN601 6” pro-ribbon driver for HF and a vented 12” mid-bass for LF reproduction. The CRS12 HF section has a 1000W peak power input, enabling a 1:15 dynamic range with lowest distortion from 1kHz. to beyond 20kHz. The absence of a “compression threshold” results in a linear tonal balance at any SPL, while the patented horizontal dispersion of the RBN601 guarantees a very stable sound field throughout the operating bandwidth.

The CRS12GT/60 is available in 8 ohms and 4 ohms version, for maximum amplifier efficiency in individually amplified immersive surround systems and can be supplied in any RAL™ color for perfect interior blending. Visit Alcons Audio at booth 700. (

Movie theatres have always been a place where dreams come alive. How can cinema exhibitors retain that magic? With CinemaBarco, digital-cinema projection leader Barco ensures a golden future for the silver screen, by combining:
•    Innovative and interactive visualization technology to create an enchanting experience, even in the lobby;
•    Next-generation advertising with stunning imagery;
•    Laser projection and immersive Auro 11.1 sound;
•    Full interaction during and after the movies, through social apps, gaming, etc.
CinemaBarco is there to enable the story, the fantasy and the magic and keep the cinema experience alive. Learn more at CineEurope suite E. (

Beckerbillett prints over 140 million tickets for European cinemas and is a leader in the German market. The company is known for exceptional reliability and on-time delivery, attractive prices, and a full array of services tailored to the needs of cinema operators. Beckerbillett is also a leading supplier of thermal printers and maintains a 24-hour hotline for thermal printer service, maintenance, rental and repairs.

Thermal tickets printed by Beckerbillett run on all commercially available thermal printers and can support a variety of different security features that have been found to be extremely effective in actual practice. Beckerbillett tickets enable cinema operators, at no extra cost, to vary the visuals on the backs of tickets in one print run to accommodate up to 12 different advertising customers for any showing.

Beckerbillett is also a premier source of leading-edge software for museums, science centers and cultural sites. Stop by booth 127 to learn more. (

By using sound-absorbing material by D&R and designed by Lila Decor, Burgeree’s acoustic panels reduce working and environmental noise to the maximum extent, particularly improving the effect of 3D sound. The cubic panels are made of polyester fiber material and are hot-pressed into different patterns with 18 sizes available. They are used for background walls, viewing booths, hotels, clubs, multi-function halls, conference rooms, and gyms where acoustic performance and aesthetic appeal are important. Visit Burgeree at booth 837. (

Established in 2002, Caiz is a leading specialty lighting products and services provider for various high-tech applications in China. With headquarters in Shenzhen and manufacturing bases in Meizhou and Xiaogan, Caiz specializes in the R&D, manufacturing, distribution and service of a wide variety of specialty lamps and related products. As the only domestic lamp maker whose digital xenon lamps have received official approval from one of the four major movie projector companies (NEC), Caiz is currently serving thousands of screens in China and actively working with its international distributors to increase its global presence. Visit Caiz at booth 821. (

China Film Equipment Group
China Film Equipment Group’s FD-S20 passive 3D system boasts highly integrated design and easy installation. The 2D/3D auto-switching intelligent feature allows for unattended auto-play. Frame rate supports 60 fps or even higher. The less than 150-microsecond short response speed will bring you smooth and sharp 3D images.

With 38% transmission, the Freedeo polarization modulator delivers bright and crisp 3D images.

The metal pre-treatment technology greatly enhances the light resistance and heat tolerance of the polarization modulator. The equipment can perfectly support a 33,000-lumen projector. Dense molecular film protects the polarization modulator from stains, and makes it easy to clean and maintain. With no external power supply, the 3D system is simplified to reduce malfunction. And with flexible mounting modes such as ceiling type, wall type, ground type, and projector-mounted, it adapts to various projection spaces. See the FD-S20 at booth 834. (

Christie has developed the groundbreaking Christie Vive Audio™, a complete audio solution capable of bringing an immersive cinema audio to any existing or new cinema auditorium to “complete the experience” for moviegoing audiences. Christie Vive Audio leverages a unique articulated, single enclosure line-array speaker design and ribbon-driver technology, and combines it with the first use of efficient, high-powered Class D amplification in cinema—all at an attainable price point. The complete Christie Vive Audio solution comprises surround and screen-channel speakers, subwoofers and Class D amplifiers. Learn more at CineEurope suite A. (

Cine Project
Cine Project GmbH, in cooperation with zweiB GmbH, presents their newly developed Theatre Management System, CineControl, at CineEurope. CineControl is based on a combination of high-quality and efficient NAS (Network Attached Storage) and the TMS software "Screenwriter" developed by Arts Alliance Media. The goal was to find a budget-oriented, slim and powerful TMS hardware/software solution for small to medium-sized cinemas.

In addition, CineControl offers features such as USB3.0 and 16 TB of storage as basic equipment, which are unique for a TMS product within this price range. Discover CineControl at booth 307. (

CineDavis’ ProRepertoire is a new, innovative software which offers screen advertising companies, single cinemas or circuits an easy and flexible means of cinema show planning. It contains a huge database with feature films, trailers, teasers, advertisements and sound, which can be used with a variety of tools to create the perfect pre-show. ProRepertoire thus allows not only the implementation of screen-related ads and trailers, but also supports feature film-related composition of the pre-show. Manage your show weeks before the movie comes to your theatre. See ProRepertoire at booth 704. (

CinéDigital Display is the new digital signage solution exclusively designed for cinemas. The most detailed and reliable information is retrieved from the projection booth servers (screen schedule, show progress, etc.) and the POS (seats available) and displayed in the lobby. The user-friendly interface makes the software simple to use with powerful features. Thanks to multi-site management, you can manage all the content from one central location. CinéDigital Manager users can control CinéDigital Display directly from the TMS interface! Learn more at booth 723. (


Cinemeccanica’s Cinecloud Lux is a laser source light adaptable to any DLP digital projector, both new and retrofitted projectors. The product includes a modular solution to output 15,000 to 55,000 lumens, fiber-coupled RGB modules, dimmable light output, and built-in speckle reducer device. Lifetime is up to 30,000 hours. Cinecloud Lux grants an extended chromaticity in comparison with a standard Xenon bulb and the perception of a higher light power, for superior 2D and 3D projection. The reduction of power consumption is up to 50% in comparison with the equivalent Xenon bulb, and it’s maintenance-free for several years. Cinecloud Lux is the first commercial laser solution installed in Europe, at IMG Cinemas in Venice, Italy. Visit Cinemeccanica at booth 527. (


Compeso presents the brand-new Yield Management module for the industry-leading WinTICKET platform. First, the module introduces price zones that extend your pricing options in your auditoriums. Now ticket prices can vary from seat to seat, allowing you to emphasize the exclusivity of specific seating areas or even individual seats—e.g., seats with a perfect view, more legroom, etc. Second, to increase box-office revenue, let the system automatically adapt the prices according to the occupation ratio of the corresponding performances. Let Compeso show you how you can increase your profit using the leading-edge technology in WinTICKET. Stop by booth 222. (

CRU, the leader in storage solutions for digital-cinema content distribution, announces the availability of its new Digital Cinema Package kits, convenient all-in-one solutions for DCP distribution. CRU’s DCP kits can be ordered with or without pre-formatted EXT3 disk drives (ISDCF specification). The kits are available in two versions, both of which include the industry-standard DX115 DC Carrier and the shipping case. The new smaller, hard-plastic shipping cases have custom foam and have undergone extensive drop-testing to ensure they exceed industry standards. With either DCP Kit, content distributors have a complete, convenient package for transporting digital media. Learn more at booth 405. (

DirectCinema from dcinex is a multi-lingual (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian) online tool for exhibitors and distributors, managing all content from features to trailers to live events, as well as DCP and KDM deliveries (electronic/satellite/HDD) across Europe and providing the user with marketing support. With the re-launch of the platform in Q2 2014, DirectCinema is now faster, easier to use and up-to-date with recent developments. New key functionalities such as a dashboard, a file import option for DCP/KDM bookings and online press screener functionality have been added to support the user’s daily work. The platform is constantly evolving. Visit Dcinex at booth 313. (

Deluxe, a global leader in media and entertainment services for film, television and advertising, recently launched Deluxe Connect, a point-to-point theatrical distribution service for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Partnering with global technology providers to deliver market-leading infrastructure and service, Deluxe Connect is free for cinemas, including ongoing maintenance and upgrades, and technical support. Clients include major Hollywood studios and independent distributors.

Deluxe is moving their business to electronic delivery, with hundreds of sites live across Europe and content being delivered every week. Make sure your cinema is ready!
E-mail or visit booth 516 to learn more.

With Dolby Atmos, filmmakers can now position and move sounds precisely anywhere in a theatre, even overhead, to heighten the realism and impact of every scene. Driving the experience is the Dolby Atmos Cinema Processor CP850. Using specific speaker location and performance attributes, it renders in real time a custom mix for that room that accurately replicates the audio experience intended by the sound mixer. The CP850 supports Dolby Atmos playback up to 64 speaker feeds, configurable between 16 analog outputs and a Dolby Atmos Connect output. The CP850 supports Dolby Surround 7.1 and 5.1 digital playback, Dolby Digital Plus™, Dolby E and Dolby’s latest up-mixing technology. Each CP850 includes Dolby’s Commissioning Service. Learn more at booth 312. (

In a move to increase theatre attendance, Doremi introduces the LE100, a powerful unit for alternative content. The LE100 is a 1RU video streaming and playback device used in digital-cinema satellite distribution applications. From opera to sports, live band performances to theatrical events, the LE100 is the perfect solution to bring live 2D and 3D alternative contents to your audience. The device accepts transport streams via Gigabit Ethernet. The incoming stream can be decompressed in real time for baseband (HDMI®/HD-SDI) playback, and also be recorded to internal storage as a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) for future playback. See the LE100 at booth 407. (

With 1,300+ contracted cinemas, 600+ movies delivered and 300+ live events transmitted, DSAT Cinema deploys and manages the largest European network of satellite distribution to cinemas. The company is the preferred solution of most distributors for the electronic delivery of movies, as well as alternative content providers for the transmission of their 2D/3D live events. DSAT for Live is the solution allowing cinemas to receive live events from the worldwide cultural scene. DSAT for Film is a cost-effective, fast and secure solution for delivering feature films in the cinemas. Learn more at booth 107. (

Eomac’s Click is a new concept of acoustic wall and ceiling tiles. Click is manufactured by ARTOFIX through a patented process, and exclusively presented by Eomac. Basic models include Zen, Cube and Wave. Click is available in a variety of shapes, patterns, configurations and finishes, with NRC values as high as 0.80.  Features include:
• Moulded textile tiles, installed using a stapler;
• Integrated keys for easy and quick installation;
• Wide variety of models and finishes;
• Digitally printed fabric graphics;
• Embossed logos;
• Eco-friendly content, made with recycled polyester
Check out Click at booth 216. (

Ezcaray Internacional
Ezcaray Internacional has developed a new range of cinema chairs: EZ12 and EZ13.
These chairs allow choosing dozens of combinations: tip-up seat or fixed seat; front raiser mount; lateral leg; or central leg with or without headrest; fully upholstered backrest or polypropylene shell; integral backrest or easily removable covers; upholstered armrests or polyurethane armrests with integrated cup holder, etc.

Their standard backrest width was 48 cm, but the new EZ is 52 cm, resulting in greater comfort for spectators. Structurally, Ezcaray Internacional is still using internal metal frameworks with flat springs, as was done in the past. See their new chairs at booth 636. (

Ferco Seating Systems
Ferco Seating Systems is an international company headquartered in the U.K., specializing in the design and manufacture of cinema seats in European design. Asian manufacturing ensures cost-effective, top-quality products for customers in over 30 countries.
Ferco now introduces the Lippo cinema seat with a beautiful arm panel. Cup-holders come out of the arm panel, and a sculptured backrest allows your customers to experience maximum comfort that hugs the body. Try the seat at booth number 217. (

GDC Technology
GDC Technology’s CLA-1000 Content Library Adapter is a highly reliable content backup solution that provides exhibitors with simplified theatre operation. The CLA-1000 can be connected to Portable Storage or Enterprise Storage with or without a Theatre Management System (TMS), which makes it applicable to all kinds of theatre scenarios.

It may be used with various TMS platforms, with easy content transfer from CRU to backup storage. You can facilitate content transfer between two screen storage devices, and minimize downtime with backup storage. See the CLA-1000 at booth 238. (

Golden Link
Golden Link continues to bring innovation to their licensed movie promotions with the launch of their newest promotional product in conjunction with Paramount Pictures’ summer blockbuster Transformers: Age of Extinction. Golden Link is bringing added excitement (and profits) to the concession stand with their newest innovation, embossed tin popcorn tubs. This product is sure to “Transform” your popcorn sales to new heights. To find out more about Golden Link and their full range of quality promotions and concessions, visit CineEurope booth 427. Contact Alex Pekker at for a follow-up.

Harkness Screens
From breathtaking 2D through to its spectacular performance in 3D, Clarus XC, the revolutionary new screen technology from Harkness Screens, allows cinema exhibitors to dramatically improve their presentation. The new fourth-generation d-smooth coating technology has specific properties more commonly seen in white screens, allowing for improved brightness uniformity and color accuracy. Designed to work with all passive 3D systems, Clarus XC screens create visibly deeper 3D content which draws in the audience, creating a more captivating viewing experience. Learn more at booth 323.

HCBL’s plastic, circular polarized 3D glasses for cinemas and TV weigh 14.9 grams and feature an ABS easy frame and 0.23-0.40 mm TAC polarized lenses. Learn more at booth 618. (

High Performance Stereo
High Performance Stereo of Newton, Mass., and BGW Systems of Montebello, Calif., are introducing the first modern, fully balanced differential power amplifiers ever offered to the motion picture industry. A unique compact chassis design with as many as 16 channels, combined with state-of-the-art components and circuitry including the latest ThermalTrak output transistors, allows this very special class of amplifier to be produced at significantly lower cost than in the past. Balanced differential power amplifiers are widely known for their superior sound quality but until now have been too expensive for professional applications. For more information, visit High Performance Stereo at booth 817. (

Highlands Technologies Solutions
Last year, Highlands Technologies Solutions (HTS) introduced the Qalif solution, an automatic screen-calibration tool managing projector settings in order to maintain top-notch projection quality. Qalif automatically corrects all the defects of the projector. This year HTS introduces the V2 version, which integrates a spectrometer compatible with the new laser-illumination projectors. The optical resolution of the spectrometer is 0.3 nm, and has been calibrated by the highest-performing devices. Learn more at booth 338. (

Jack Roe
Jack Roe (CS) Ltd. has been providing IT systems since 1982 and has been providing Ticketing & Point of Sale (TaPoS) to the exhibition industry since 1997. Unusually, Jack Roe supplies a complete service, taking care of credit card payments (no third party), with a full suite of back-office reports, membership/giftcard/loyalty systems, apps (both iPhone and Android), plus all the normal features you would expect from a top-class IT system. TaPoS can integrate with many IT frameworks including, for example, TMS systems. JACRO Premiere Digital Signage can also integrate with other ticketing systems and is tried and tested. Visit booth 400 to learn more. (

Kelonik Cinema Sound
In recent years, Kelonik Cinema Sound (K.C.S) has developed several cinematographic acoustic systems focused on 3D surround sound that complement their wide range of acoustic systems. This year, they introduce the new SR-29 acoustic system, designed to operate as a surround channel (ceiling or walls) that can adequately cover the whole auditorium. It consists of a 12" low-frequency speaker and 3” high-frequency driver with high sensitivity and large power handling characteristics, providing a high level of bass sound and extended frequency response. It’s suitable for spectacular systems such as Dolby Atmos and Auro 3D. Visit K.C.S. at booth 426. (

KenCast's CinemaPro appliances are the preferred digital cinema product of Hollywood studios, providing terrestrial and satellite electronic delivery with DVR on multiple screens, for multiplexes and smaller-sized venues. Visit KenCast at booth 826. (

The DUO LED UNI profile from LARS is created especially for cinema stair usage. Screwed or glued down to a finished stair edge, it protects against slipping. Its innovative construction guarantees a linear LED lighting effect while allowing riser backlighting. The DUO LED UNI cover ensures any required color based on monocolor LEDs or RGB LED strips. An additional feature is the adjustable end caps. The unique and patented DUO LED UNI profile is created by professionals with years of experience in cinema projects with attention to design, functionality and safety. Visit LARS at booth 825. (

Leadcom Seating has launched the Venus LS-13602 full rocker for cinemas. Features include high-impact polypropylene outer back and seat pan; ergonomic sculpted backrest and seat cushion with cold molded foam for optimal support and comfort; integral polypropylene cup-holder armrest; and full upholstered end panel. See the Venus seat at booth 728. (

Look3D, along with Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures and RealD, has created Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Donatello-inspired 3D glasses for the release of the much-anticipated 3D film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. To get your hands on these truly unique 3D glasses, visit Look3D at booth 707. (

Introducing an innovative, theatrical and hygienic way of retailing gourmet popcorn in your cinema. The Pick N Popcorn gravity-dispensing systems look great while allowing customers to combine their favorite flavors so they can enjoy caramel, salt, chocolate and banana all in the same tub.

The larger the display, the more effective this system will look. Generate excitement in your foyer by introducing new ways of selling popcorn. Speak to Martek at booth 422 about popcorn poppers, coaters, dispensers, and the best caramel and gourmet flavours you’ve ever tasted. (

MasterImage 3D
Outshine your competition with the brightest single-projection 3D available. The new MI-HORIZON3D cinema system delivers extremely bright 3D images and the sharp 3D experiences moviegoers have come to expect from MasterImage 3D. Based on their innovative three-way beam optical system, the MI-HORIZON3D is the perfect choice for cinemas looking to provide brighter 3D without sacrificing image quality.
Experience the MI-HORIZON3D at booth 401 and meeting room 129. (

Mobiliario Seating
The hottest trend in cinema seating is seating where food can be served, at the new cinema grills and combined movie restaurants and bars. Mobiliario’s “Plus Series” seat transforms a regular movie auditorium into a premium cinema, due to the extra space and comfort if offers. The Plus Series is a wide seat from 610 mm up to 660 mm and 1.10 mts high-back, with an extra-wide and fully cushioned and upholstered flip-up armrest with a very attractive plastic cup-holder. The aisle ends on Plus Series have a fully cushioned and upholstered fine design sure to give a theatre a premium touch. See the Plus Series at booth 819. (

MW spol
MW spol. s r.o. is a small European manufacturer that produces high-quality projection screens. In 2013, they developed, in collaboration with RealD, the new Snow white screen, a white coating for cinema screens.

The latest coating systems and continuous quality control ensure excellent color representation and contrast of the projected image. Unique welding technology ensures invisible seams.

Every theatre is different, so MW delivers screens for every requirement, from classic to 3D digital. With a maximum size of 30m x 15m, they can meet short deadlines.
For large areas that require a big screen, they offer an electric projection screen called Giant TabTension with up to a 15m width, also in 3D. MW’s quality projection screens can be found in cinemas across Europe, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and South Africa. Stop by booth 512 to learn more.  (

A key partner for the fun food industry for over 20 years, Nataïs is the European leader in the popcorn market. Located in the southwest of France, they work directly with over 210 farmers in the area, which secures total traceability of their GMO-free guaranteed corn. Nataïs offers their partners in the fun food industry many options to develop their own range with delicious corn, from Butterfly high-expansion to Mushroom hybrids, for sweet coatings. Strongly involved in sustainable development, they developed PopNRoll Premium Extra Large 100% Mushroom thanks to their popcorn varieties research.

Nataïs now announces the new pouring lip which is available on all their bags. With this new cut, bags can be opened normally (along the entire width) or by using this pouring lip for more accurate and precise pouring on the corn. Visit Nataïs at booth 806. (

Ensure complete customer connectivity with the enhanced NCR Cinema Connected Customer suite. Use the latest in loyalty, promotions and mobile technology to drive an improved social-media presence and target promotions and offers effectively. Retain that vital guest link and track your performance with Customer Voice, NCR’s web-based loyalty, retention and referral tool which leverages the power of social-media monitoring to provide the feedback to enable customer retention via incentives and guest experience satisfaction management. Learn more at booth 513. (

PCO Group
Pick & Mix by PCO is now better than ever: Check out the latest improvements at CineEurope. The stands can now be equipped with a rechargeable battery for independent illumination. The patented plexi-lids now close buffered and softly thanks to dampers. Their new sweet one-meter cables are fun and come with a special sales solution that can be attached to any of their stands.

PCO not only innovates the Pick & Mix furniture, but also the sales system. With four cup sizes, Pick & Mix can be sold at a fixed price, saving time and space for weighing and giving the customer price security. Visit PCO at booth 223. (

Philips continues to expand its portfolio of digital-cinema Xenon lamps and is pleased to show three new lamp types released by Barco. The XDC 2200B is specifically designed for the Barco DP2K-10Sx projector. It has a nominal power rating of 2200 W and a 100% warranty lifetime of 1,500 hours. The XDC 2000B is specifically designed for the Barco DP2K-12C, 15C and 20C projectors. It has a nominal power rating of 2000 W and a 100% warranty lifetime of 2,400 hours. The new XDC 1200B is specifically designed for the Barco DP2K-12C, 15C and 20C projectors and has a nominal power rating of 1200 W and a 100% warranty lifetime of 3,000 hours. See these new lamps at booth 523. (

Proyecson’s Boothless Silencer Box (P-BOX 14) is designed to house a digital projector within the screening room, avoiding the need for a projection booth. It is built to drastically reduce any noise produced by the projector while providing adequate heat ventilation for proper cinema equipment operation and setting of the projection angle with a tilt range up to 15 degrees. It’s easily disassembled to smoothly access any elements inside and perform maintenance tasks. The box has a black electrostatic coated paint finish to avoid any unpleasant gleam inside the room. It is robustly furnished in steel and internally covered with an acoustic mat and lead for greater noise absorption. Options include motorized and manual. See the Silencer Box at booth 507. (

QSC Audio
QSC’s new SR-1290 surround is the newest member of the SR Series. SR-1290 is a high-output loudspeaker designed for the special surround requirements of object-based audio and other immersive sound formats. A 1.75-inch HF compression driver is coaxially mounted with a 12-inch LF driver, producing perfect sonic coherence at the crossover point while enabling an overall smaller enclosure that features the same styling as QSC’s other SR Series surrounds. With multiple mounting points and a robust internally braced plywood enclosure, it’s also designed for safe mounting and ultimate aiming flexibility. See QSC at CineEurope booth 629. (

QUE cinema systems began production in 2005 and aims to produce reliable products with high performance at the lowest price in the world market. QUE cinema offers projection, installation and service applications worldwide with distributors in many countries. QUE cinema products ship from Istanbul, Turkey, the midpoint of Europe and Asia, allowing for fast delivery. Visit QUE at booth 717. (

Share Dimension
What will the box office be for that upcoming release in my theatre? What is the best opening week for this independent film? What effect will the next football tournament have on my cinema attendance?

Share Dimension can help you answer all those questions with their brand-new Cinema Intelligence suite of applications. Cinema Intelligence helps film purchasing departments forecast upcoming releases’ box-office performance. Using sophisticated scheduling algorithms; it helps booking departments create film programs based on forecasted attendance information, increasing overall seat occupancy and minimizing stress and workload.

Cinema Intelligence feeds crucial information to marketing departments to help make informed decisions on marketing spending for upcoming releases. Visit Share Dimension at booth 226 to learn more about Cinema Intelligence. (

Daytona seats from Sitland play a starring role at cinemas. They feature distinctive design, while comfort and resilience are guaranteed by the high quality of the materials used and the care in manufacturing. Daytona is a seating range which can meet any requirements of the client and is available in different versions: Daytona First Class and Daytona Lounge. Daytona Lounge is a hand-crafted product made with tailored stitching and with the use of the best possible materials. Learn more at booth 623. (

SIVE CompraEntradas presents new kiosks 2.0 to sell cinema tickets along with refreshments and food. SIVE has worked to create the most efficient and dynamic kiosks in the industry. The 2.0 version is a low-cost model that appeals to a large range of clients. Unlike other kiosks on the market, SIVE kiosks accept credit cards, debit cards and cash (euros). The kiosks improve customer service by providing quick and efficient service with more convenient ways to pay. The automation of this process during the cinema experience will allow your employees to better focus on guest-relation activities. Visit SIVE at booth 734. (

Space Screen
The latest innovation designed by Space Sreen is the Supercontour Screen with electric masking, jointly with the new 3D Space fabric SILVERLUX 3D-2D, gaining 1.8, fully compatible with 2D projection while maintaining high performance.

The Supercontour Screen is a static screen made of projection fabric and a lightweight aluminum frame, with great resistance capacity, and with different finishes: viewed with a black frame; floating without a black frame; straight or curved.

Space projection fabrics have been specially designed and manufactured with high-quality materials to obtain the best result. Space produces a wide range of fabrics: front projection; rear projection; 2D and 3D projection; perforated fabrics for sound transmission, as well as fabrics suitable for scenographic rooms. Visit Space Screen at booth 239. (

Strong MDI
The newly developed Premium HGA screen by Strong MDI is a highly durable and sophisticated 2.9-gain 3D silver surface. The specially formulated coating offers unrivaled viewing angles and brightness. The 25-degree half-gain angle considerably reduces the hotspot effect and allows for the most generous viewing angle of any silver screen with comparable gain. The screen also renders impeccable 2D images. See the Premium HGA screen at booth 105. (

ticket. International

ticket. international produces not only innovative product improvements but also services already existing products. A mobile highlight is the new Windows-based Mobile POS (tablet PC) which is flexible to use; its main task is to enable line-busting. Visit ticket. international at booth 317. (

Celebrate Magnum’s 25-year anniversary in style with Magnum Marc de Champagne! It is Marc de Champagne flavored ice cream with Marc de Champagne swirl, generously coated in silver dipped Magnum milk chocolate.

Launched in 1989, Magnum was the first handheld ice cream targeted as a premium ice cream for adults. Today, Magnum is one of the world's leading ice cream brands, selling one billion units annually worldwide, and it is the biggest brand of Unilever ice creams. Magnum gourmet ice cream bars are made from the finest ingredients—silky ice cream dipped in thick Belgian chocolate. Sample Magnum Marc de Champagne at booth 235. (

Unique Digital
MovieTransit™ is Unique Digital’s market-leading digital content distribution solution which offers distributors, advertisers, content providers and cinemas total flexibility and security in the delivery of DCPs direct to site. Through a powerful web-based GUI and app content, providers can book and track content distribution through to site and screen. MovieTransit has been fully operational for all cinemas in Norway for over 18 months and is rolling out in the U.K., Ireland, Spain, Denmark, Sweden and Poland. Since it went live, over 100,000 film, trailer and advertising packages totaling over 15 PetaBytes of data have been delivered. Learn more at booth 808. (

Ushio, global and European market leader for projection lamps, has further extended its range of L Series lamps. These lamps feature a 15% to 100% longer warranty life compared to standard lamps. With the most recent additions for NEC projectors, Ushio now offers a comprehensive range of long-life lamps for all digital projectors. These lamps offer extra performance with the low failure rate Ushio is famous for. Visit Ushio at booth 117. (

USL, Inc.’s innovative CMS-2200 Cinema Media Server with solid-state drives and patented immersive audio technology is receiving outstanding reviews from cinema owners, engineers and integrators, as new installations continue to grow on a global level.
Updated features include cloud-based TMS Showshare technology, license-free software installs, 3D HDMI (with HDMI 3D compliance), hot swappable USB 3.0 and eSATA ports, faster ingest times, scheduling of alternative content, and direct play from external storage.
This “next-generation” server features a cross-platform Android, xOS (MAC), iOS (Apple), Linux and Windows-based Screen Management System (SMS) and built-in automation with an optional CMSA-100 expansion unit. It supports 4K, High Frame Rate 2K, and is HDMI 2D and 3D-compliant. Two USB 3.0 ports allow accelerated ingest of content and enable live streaming. See the CMS-2200 at CineEurope booth 635. (

VCL Sound Experience
VCL Sound Experience, manufacturer of the cinema speaker range branded as LuisWaSSmann, is launching two new products at CineEurope 2014.

With the new Dolby Atmos and Barco Auro multichannel sound systems in mind, VCL presents their new ceiling surround speakers, which include the mandatory directivity required by the systems’ manufacturers and the ease of installation provided by the Totalmount Support, plus the included laser pointer system.

VCL is also launching the new modular system LAT 2014, which represents the third generation of their line-array technology for cinemas, a legacy technology from the PA world which the company has been proudly manufacturing for several years now. This LAT 2014 modular system is specifically designed to deliver the same single timbre throughout every cinema speaker, be it the screen systems, side surrounds, conventional surrounds or ceiling surrounds. The module, consisting of a small 6" speaker and an isofasic horn plus one 1" professional compression driver, is duplicated as many times as required to configure the different systems: as a treble-medium screen system with either six or 12 units, as a side surround with six units, as a conventional surround with two units, or as a ceiling surround with three units. Visit VCL Sound Experience at booth 212. (


Powered by Volfoni's innovative Triple Beam Technology, the brightness achieved by the SmartCrystal™ Diamond surpasses all other 3D systems currently on the market, with 28% of Light Efficiency (LEF).

•    Like Volfoni's other passive 3D theatre systems, the SmartCrystal Diamond allows theatre owners complete ownership of the system. The SmartCrystal suite of products is designed in Europe and comes with a three-year warranty (with optional two-year extension). Led by a team of technological experts specializing in stereoscopic 3D, Volfoni has developed the most cost-effective, highest-quality 3D polarizers for even the largest silver screens.  Visit Volfoni at booth 606. (

XPAND 3D is proud to present XPAND CineInfo Display solutions. CineInfo Display is a simple, efficient and flexible solution for displaying all information in your cinema and other related venues (interior and exterior) with a user-friendly central administration interface. CineInfo Display enables exhibitors to operate the displays with unmatched reliability and ease, as most of the input information, and all operations, are as automated as possible. The hardware-software solution is modular to match each exhibitor’s specific needs, from the basic version to a complete package. See a live demo of XPAND CineInfo Display at booth 423. (