Harkness Screens to host free web seminar on presentation quality


With the digital rollout near complete in most markets throughout the world, exhibitors are now turning their focus to improving and optimizing the cinematic experience as a way of securing and increasing revenue at a time when box-office takings are declining.
Be it premium large-format theatres, in-theatre dining, luxury seating, 4D seating or immersive audio, exhibitors are looking at different methods to generate incremental revenue. But do these guarantee the consumer gets an exceptional cinematic performance?

In a free web seminar from Harkness Screens, one of the key recurring consumer issues—presentation quality and brightness (particularly in 3D)—will be examined from a business perspective. The one-hour seminar on Tuesday, Sept. 9, will cover:

*Consumer pain points—what they like, what they dislike and what they feel would drive them to attend the cinema more often

* The impact from a business perspective of not addressing consumer concerns

* Why, from a technical perspective, consumers may be experiencing what they consider to be a disappointing visual performance

* Why from a visual performance standpoint current premium-priced seating might not always be the best viewing experience in the theatre

* How considered theatre optimization might improve viewing performance for all seats in the theatre

* Potential new seating pricing models, how these might drive increased revenue, increase overall ticket sales and, in turn, concession sales.

For further information on this forthcoming event and to register online, click here.