A GDC status report: Digital-cinema leader expands to new markets


This year has seen GDC spread its wings into growing markets including Latin America and Southeast Asia with the establishment of four new offices in Brazil, Peru, Indonesia and Malaysia and increase its worldwide installations with the addition of prominent new customers.

As of June 2014, the company is the number-one digital-cinema server provider in South Korea, China and Taiwan, capturing approximately 74%, 61% and 50% market share, respectively. GDC has also achieved significant market share in other Asian countries such as Japan and Thailand, where it now holds market shares of 37% and 33%, respectively. Meanwhile, GDC is the second-largest digital-cinema server provider in the United States, capturing approximately 29% market share.*

GDC’s services and its innovative and reliable products have continued to lead the digital-cinema market in the server and TMS sectors. The leading Korean cinema, CGV, has committed to install an additional 200 GDC servers in 2014. A new exhibitor under Evergrande Cinema Management Co. Ltd.—Evergrande Cinema Line—has selected GDC Technology as its technology partner for its digital-cinema deployment. GDC has also secured several big projects in other parts of Asia; in Indonesia, the company was selected by Cinemaxx, a new exhibitor under Lippo Group, to deploy close to 300 servers by the end of Q1 2015, with a target to deploy 1,000 digital screens in the years that follow.

Meanwhile in Latin America, sales offices opened in São Paulo, Brazil, in February and in Lima, Peru, in June. Together with the office in Mexico City which started operations in March 2013, GDC now has a total of three offices in Latin America. GDC’s expansion plan includes a new VPF partnership with Wintex Brazil and participation in various trade events such as ExpoCine in Brazil. In Southeast Asia, GDC provides local services in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

As a world-leading digital-cinema solutions provider, GDC understands that innovation is the key for success and it is committed to developing and bringing quality products to the market to best satisfy customer needs. The innovative SX-3000 Standalone IMB® is the industry’s first standalone IMB, which eliminates the need for an external file server and which can help reduce maintenance and operation costs. It fulfills all Hollywood specifications including multiple image resolutions and high frame rate (“HFR”) playback in both 2D and 3D. It also addresses the requirements of alternative-content screenings such as automated DVD/Blu-ray playback and 3D live screening without additional hardware being required.

The SX-3000 Standalone IMB works seamlessly with Portable and/or Enterprise Storage, which provides scalable and reliable storage to manage movie content. Portable Storage is a compact and light device which provides up to 3TB of hot swappable storage. It can be easily mounted on all types of DLP Cinema® projectors and is perfect for boothless cinema design, whereas Enterprise Storage is designed for enterprise-level storage management and can be easily inserted into the projector pedestals. Enterprise Storage provides larger storage options ranging from 4TB and 6TB to 8TB of redundant hot swappable storage.

Today, GDC leads the digital-cinema server market in the new generation of standalone IMBs with close to 7,000 deployed with Portable and Enterprise Storage systems. Most recently, a new storage product was launched: Enterprise Storage Plus, a scalable external storage solution which offers 4TB and 6TB to 8TB of redundant hot swappable storage. Possessing all the powerful features of Enterprise Storage, it offers additional benefits including a redundant power supply for increased system stability and an optional CRU bay for content and key delivery.

GDC Technology’s Theatre Management System—the TMS-1000—is a powerful tool that offers users a centralized point of control for an entire cineplex. Close to 13,000 screens in 2,000 theatres worldwide are being managed by GDC Technology’s TMS-1000 to automate and streamline their operations. The latest TMS version 4.0 with new architecture design and multiple feature enhancements was released at CinemaCon in March 2014. Users will experience a new user interface design with full control of cinema equipment including servers, projectors and sound processors that allows for easy scheduling with POS integration and faster content verification process. Moreover, the Quality Management System (QMS-1000), which can be integrated with the TMS-1000, is a system diagnostics tool that performs automatic monitoring and data analysis of luminance, chromaticity and sound-pressure levels. It provides test reports in multiple formats and carries out intelligent and automatic adjustments to ensure a high-quality movie experience. Visit www.gdc-tech.com to learn more.

* Market-share calculation based on a third-party research