Film Review: Mom and Dad

Parents turn on their kids in this silly horror comedy about grownups gone wild.
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The Ryans—’rents Brent and Kendall (Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair) plus teen/tweens Carly and Josh (Anne Winters and Zackary Arthur)—are a normal American family: They don't want to kill, but they don't want to die.

Not that they've given any thought to the matter; they're just boring suburban folks and bughouse stuff doesn't happen to them until it does. Suddenly, Brent and Kendall go crazy, convinced that they have to kill their kids and…well, actually there is no “and.” That’s the plot: Carly and Josh try to escape their murderous parents, hiding in their deluxe upper-middle-class house.

The premise may be transgressive—this is the place to flash back to the vicious 1976 Italian horror film Who Can Kill a Child?—but the execution is incredibly tedious. Billed as a horror comedy, Mom and Dad is neither funny nor scary, and its attempts at social commentary are weak and ineffective. Parents get mad at their kids…well, yeah, goes with the territory. Teens/tweens think their parents are lame…double yeah, and the point is?

Nothing, apparently, and that's the problem: Mom and Dad is a movie without a point and its less-than-shocking mayhem doesn't amount to much.

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