Can 'The Accountant' count on a sizable opening weekend?

Box Office Outlook

A lackluster October marches on with a trio of new releases: The Accountant, Kevin Hart: What Now? and Max Steel. Of the three, The Accountant—a film that has the dubious distinction of being the only film where Ben Affleck plays a CPA/quasi-superhero, at least until Batman gives up on Wayne Industries and decides he really has an affinity for Excel spreadsheets—will land at the top of the heap, surpassing last week's top earner The Girl on the Train. It’s difficult to predict how much The Accountant will make—Affleck and co-star Anna Kendrick are box office draws, but reviews have been negative, and it’s not like there are a lot of other action movies about autistic ninjas to compare it to—but an opening gross somewhere in the mid to high teens is a safe bet. 

If The Accountant underperforms, there’s a chance that Kevin Hart: What Now? might be able to sneak into the top spot, though that’s unlikely given it’s screening in approximately 700 fewer theatres. Standup comedy movies—this one is of a performance at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field in 2015—are never huge earners, but they don’t really need to be, as they generally cost less to make than their narrative brethren. (What Now?, which is bookended by narrative sequences, cost $9.9 million to The Accountant’s $44 million.) Positive reviews and Kevin Hart’s sizable fanbase should easily get this one to the low to mid teens.

The final new wide releases is Max Steel, debuting on approximately 2,000 screens. Based on a Mattel toy line, the children’s actioner has been in the can and ready to go forever—production was completed, in fact, all the way back in August of 2014. It is expected to end up out of the top five in the low single millions.

Among the new films out in limited release are Desierto, Miss Hokusai, Christine and Aquarius.