Sony's Swedish 4K reseller champions 4K expansion


Niclas Nornemark established his own company, Cinema Certification, in May 2013 after becoming Sony’s Swedish distributor of cinema-adapted 4K projectors. In less than a year and a half, he has equipped four cinemas belonging to the National Federation of People’s Parks and Community Centres in Sweden and four venues in Denmark with 4K technology. His aim for 2015 is to double this number.

Nornemark estimates that Sweden’s cinema technology lags behind that of other Western countries by about two years. Despite being subsidized by the state, many smaller cinemas have chosen cheaper alternatives when purchasing technology and improved image resolution. Many cinemas have also purchased used equipment from other countries after they had upgraded their solutions.

“Norway started its 4K journey in 2013, the same time Sweden was upgrading its cinemas with digital technology. Norway's old equipment was then sold to Sweden. I was not pleased with this scenario, and I questioned why the image quality in Swedish cinemas was worse than what I had at home. I then researched all of the alternatives on the market. Sony stood out from many of the other companies, and I quickly realized that their 4K solutions were extremely good,” Nornemark says.

Nornemark plans to install 4K technology in ten new cinemas in 2015.