Vista Group to present wide range of innovations at CinemaCon


Vista Group International will bring a portfolio of new software systems from eight Vista Group businesses to CinemaCon in Las Vegas. Vista Entertainment Solutions (Vista Cinema), Cinema Intelligence, Veezi and movieXchange will exhibit in the Forum Ballroom at Booths 625F and 523F. 

Cinema Manager is Vista Cinema’s first major software release on the journey toward making their cinema-management suite of products cloud-ready. Day-to-day cinema manager tasks benefit from a new, intuitive user interface. Cinema Manager was designed from the ground up, taking a user-first approach to the common tasks that managers perform regularly, enabling them to be completed in less time and with less risk of errors.

Vista Food & Beverage enhancements throughout recent months have shifted Vista’s foodservice system, built only for cinemas, to a management solution, from POS to the lobby bar to self-service counter pick-up to in-seat dining. A standalone application that also integrates with Box Office, Vouchers & Gift Cards, Loyalty and more, Vista F&B will optimize the experience for moviegoers and cinema staff.

From the Vista Apps stable, enhancements to Vista Mobile enable moviegoers to easily satisfy their F&B cravings without ever having to leave the auditorium. Leveraging Vista’s moviegoer app (Mobile), and staff app (InTouch), new functionality creates an integrated workflow between the two. Guests request assistance from their seat with Vista Mobile, and staff respond with InTouch to resolve their enquiries.

MovieTeam, Vista Cinema’s browser-based application that streamlines cinema staff scheduling has, since its 2016 CinemaCon launch, developed new features responding explicitly to cinema staff scheduling needs: MovieTeam enables exhibitors to bring showtime and attendance data from their POS system into the same application to build the staff schedule, allowing them to create schedules based on actual ticket sales to put the right people, at the right time, in the right place. MovieTeam’s “Marketplace” enables shift release or swap with another colleague, all from the convenience of their smartphone.

Veezi, Vista’s cloud-based cinema management system for independent cinemas, will exhibit at booth 523F in the Forum Ballroom. Veezi continues its march across the U.S. independents sector and has just entered additional European markets Spain, France, Sweden and Finland.

MovieXchange (MX) is Vista Group’s new web platform designed to streamline historically disparate and inefficient movie industry processes. The product enables the sharing of distributor-supplied promotional movie materials essential to exhibitors, the central availability of global (and marketable) cinema showtime data, and a single source that ticket sellers can connect to and transact against all exhibitors. Additional to the accrued benefits to distributors, exhibitors and ticketing vendors, movieXchange enables a range of streamlined options for moviegoers to choose their movie and book their seat. 

Cinema Intelligenceleader in business-intelligence solutions, comes to CinemaCon with three major advances:

* Film Manager: Cinema Intelligence is now fully complementary with Vista Cinema’s new web-based version of film programming called “Film Manager.”  This product provides customers with optimized booking, scheduling and analytics capabilities. The new offering combines all features into a single and seamless user experience and allows for quick forecasting of a film’s performance based on historical box-office performance and real-time trends.

* Advanced Booking: This feature optimizes the booking and content planning process with an advanced and intelligent tool that empowers cinema exhibitors to make the best decisions based on past performance, forecasting information and “what-if” analysis. It provides competitive advantage in planning and distributor negotiations, by increasing revenue via attendance providing recommendations for booking policies to ensure optimal allocation of films across every location and screen. With the help of Cinema Intelligence, customers can receive instant answers to questions such as “How did this film perform last week?” and “How is it expected to perform this week?”

* Opus Data integration allows customers to access domestic box-office performance directly in Cinema Intelligence, removing the need to chase information on multiple industry-specific sites. The integration allows customers to visualize the U.S. national release schedule in advance of making a decision to play the film, and gives timely access to past weekend analyses and market share information. In total, it helps customers better understand national trends through analytics dashboards that support film forecasting and performance prediction for a film’s opening weekend and full life cycle.

Will Palmer, chief executive and co-founder of Movio, will make a presentation preceding the Universal Pictures slate presentation on Wednesday, April 25, at 10 a.m. in the Colosseum.Movio is the world’s most comprehensive moviegoing database, covering seven years of historic data and over 100 million moviegoers, spanning 37 countries and over 5,000 movie titles.

Movio also shares its audience expertise via Matthew Liebmann, global president of Movio Cinema, who will be part of the “Event Cinema: What Does theFutureHold?” panel on Tuesday, April 24, at 7:45 a.m. in the Palace Ballroom III.

Powster, which works with all six major studios and 90 independent distributors designing and developing film distribution marketing websites, will discuss its recent VFX breakdown for Pacific Rim Uprising from Universal Pictures, in which users can scroll through the layers of production. Powster scored 234 million U.S. visits and 422 million international visits in the 2017 calendar year.