Week in review: 10/31-11/4


More remakes are in the works. Sofia Coppola has begun production on The Beguiled, a remake of a 1971 Western about a wounded Union soldier (Clint Eastwood, originally) held captive in a Confederate boarding school. Less far along on the road to the silver screen is Columbia Pictures' Starship Troopers, a new take on Paul Verhoeven's cult classic sci-fi actioner about a war between humans and bugs (pictured). The new film will reportedly be less a remake of Verhoeven's movie than an adaptation of the Robert A. Heinlein book upon which that film is loosely based. The writing duo of Mark Swift and Damian Shannon (upcoming Baywatch reboot) have been tapped to pen the script. And finally, Disney keeps on keepin' on with the live-action remakes, this time breathing new life into their first animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Erin Cressida Wilson (The Girl on the Train) will script the film, which will be turned into a full-fledged musical with brand new songs.

Speaking of Disney, this week they passed the $5.85 billion mark, making 2016 their highest-grossing year ever. Several upcoming major releases--notably Moana, Doctor Strange and that Space Wars movie or whatever it is--will further put 2015's paltry $5.84 billion figure in the dust.

DC’s The Flash has lost its second director in Dope’s Rick Famuyiwa, who left the project due to creative differences. Seth Grahame-Smith, who wrote the script, was earlier attached to direct, but he also left over creative differences last spring. The film, starring Ezra Miller as a superfast superhero, was supposed to start production in March 2017 for a March 16, 2018 release date, though that may now be pushed back.

A week after leaving the Deadpool sequel over reported disagreements with star Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool director Tim Miller has signed on to a new project: Sony's Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Miller will co-executive produce the project, which is said to be a live action/CGI hybrid.

Johnny Depp has been cast in Harry Potter spinoff franchise Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the first installment of which comes out later this month. He'll have a cameo in that film and will take on a bigger role in the second movie, dated November 16, 2018. Speculation puts Depp as the villainous Grindelwald, a sort of Wizard Hitler-type.

And we also have some film delays. Stephen King adaptation The Dark Tower, starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, has been pushed from February 17, 2017 to July 28, 2017, reportedly to give more time for special effects work. Edgar Wright's Baby Driver, slated for March 17, 2017, will now come out on August 11 of the same year. Jumanji has moved from July 28, 2017 to December 22, 2017, giving it prime my-kids-are-home-from-school-for-the-holidays-and-I-need-to-get-them-out-of-my-hair-for-a-few-hours placement. And Niels Arden Oplev's Flatliners reboot moves from August 18, 2017 to September 29, 2017. All are Sony movies.

For a while there, it looked like Sony’s planned The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo sequel might never actually materialize—but lo and behold, things are moving along. Word has it that Don’t Breathe director Fede Alvarez is in the running to direct The Girl in the Spider Web, based on the fourth book in the series that began with Dragon Tattoo. No word yet on whether Dragon Tattoo stars Rooney Mara or Daniel Craig will be returning.

Dan Stevens, of Adam Wingard's The Guest and Disney's upcoming Beauty and the Beast remake, is in negotiations to star in Apostle, from The Raid director Gareth Evans. Per Variety, the revenge thriller centers on "a man who travels to a remote island and attempts to rescue his sister after she’s kidnapped by a religious cult. The group demands a ransom for the sister’s return, undermining the man’s resolve to rescue her."